Boar’s Head Slicing It Fresh at HPU

Wouldn’t it be great to get a delicious Boar’s Head sandwich and hummus right here on campus? Well HPU Dining has got you covered at the deli counter at the Silver Line Diner. Boar’s Head provides a vast array of high-quality meats and products for its customers to enjoy.

On Tuesday, Board’s Head took over the Slane Philanthropy Table and allowed students to sample some of their amazing products and take advantage of some free giveaways. Students had the opportunity to sample some of Boars Head’s delicious meats including the “Ovengold Turkey” and the “Ever Roast Chicken” as well as some of their superb hummus.  

A vast array of Boar’s Head deli products are available @ the Silver Line Diner on the deli menu. If you have yet to visit the Silver Line Diner, here is a perfect reason to come up and check it out.