Mobile Ordering Instructional Video

Watch this video to learn how to download and use the mobile ordering app at High Point University.

Mobile Ordering Instructions

  1. Go to the mobile application store and download “transact mobile ordering”.
  2. Open app on phone.
  3. For campus, select High Point University.
  4. Log in using school ID and password.
  5. Once logged in, enable push notifications to allow for better guest experience.
  6. For Cafe and Farmers Market, mobile ordering is used to make a reservation.
  7. For all other restaurants, mobile ordering is used to order meals.

Mobile Ordering FAQs

What restaurants/locations are on mobile ordering app?

All of our restaurants are on the dining mobile app.

How do I pay on mobile app?

The app is linked to your High Point University account.  At check out, you are able to pay with a magic meal, dining dollars, or general funds.

How does reservations system work at Cafe and Farmers Market?

  1. Reservations can be made each day  for an available time slot (reservations are not available a day in advance).
  2. Select Cafe or Farmers Market on your mobile ordering app.
  3. Place reservation for an available time slot.
  4. Arrive at Cafe or Farmers Market at reservation time.
  5. Scan QR code on receipt at the register.
  6. You will receive a notification at the end of your allotted time.