Environmental Sustainability

A fundamental part of our mission, guiding how we operate. We reduce our environmental impact through practices that enrich and support the natural environment.

*NEW* Composting Program

Straw-less & Paper Bag Initiatives

Local Purchasing

Did you know HPU Dining sources food from many local farmers, growers, and distributors? The list changes throughout the year depending on seasonality and availability. However, here is a sampling of a few of our partners:

  • Barham Farms, Zebulon, NC
  • Green Haven Plan Farm, Carthage, NC
  • Deal Orchards, Taylorsville, NC
  • Burch Farms, Faison, NC
  • Manhattan Bakery, Morrisville, NC
  • Scott Farms, Lucama, NC

Responsible Sourcing

For HPU Dining, responsible sourcing is a must for any of the products we serve. Our list of responsibly sourced products is constantly growing due to our increased emphasis for these practices to our  new vendors. However, here is a sampling of a few of our products offered:

  • Cage Free Eggs from Abbotsford Farms
  • Certified Humane Chicken from Murray’s Chicken
  • GAP 3 Certified Choice Fed Beef from Brass Town Beef

Other Sustainable Practices:


HPU Dining partners with the campus to recycle cardboard and commingled items from all dining locations across campus. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Look for signs in our locations for information on where to put your recyclables.

Trayless Dining

Did you know HPU Dining has been trayless since 2007? By dining trayless, you have helped positively impact the waste stream. Dining trayless minimizes food waste, conserves energy and water, and reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals entering the waste stream.


Take part in our reusable mug program to reduce waste and receive a discount on coffee at both Slane and Center for Student Success Starbucks locations.

Fryer Oil Recycling

One hundred percent of dining services used fryer oil is recycled by Filta Fry to be used by LOCAL alternative fuel producers.

Recycled Content Paper

We use 100% recycled content office and copy paper, cups, and napkins in all dining locations on campus.

Green Content

All dining locations are committed to using daily green cleaning products in our operations to reduce the need for chemical based cleaning products and provide a healthy and safe learning environment.

Energy & Water Conservation

We train our employees each semester on common energy and water conservation practices in order to conserve precious natural resources.